Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is That a Fried Egg or My Cheek Cell??

So we have been working on the parts of the cell this week.  Like we discussed in the last blog, microscopes were the technological advance into the world of microorganisms.  In order to better understand just how small cell are we took some cheek smears and had a look under the microscope.

The link below will take you to a page for a simulation to practice the parts of the microscope and how to focus and find items on a slide.

Microscope Simulation

There is a 7 minute video that you can watch to introduce you to the microscope and the simulation.  Once you have watched the movie, then click the link that is highlighted blue for "the virtual scope." Follow the tutorial to practice using the microscope.

We looked at our cheek cells under scanning, low, and high powers.  Below is a link to an image of those cheek cells that you should have seen.

Cheek Cell Smear

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