Friday, September 10, 2010

More Cell Parts! Oh My!

We further reviewed our cell parts and function today!  Here are some links to offer more practice for our test TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14th!

Cells Alive

An amazing website that lets you look at an animal or plant cell.  Drag your cursor over each organelle and it is highlighted in the diagram.  Then click on the organelle name and a screen comes up to give you information about its structure and function!

Cell Organelles and Descriptions

Another site where you can click on various organelles and learn more about their structure and function.  This website also has several short animations to demonstrate the function of particular organelles.

Biology 4 Kids

A good website for any topic we cover this semester, but there are some specific portions that relate to cell structure and function.  Also, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Organelle identification practice

Review each structure and function.  Then you will be asked to identify each organelle as it is highlighted.

Prokaryotes versus Eukaryotes

Here is a 6 minute lecture on the similarities and differences between these two main groups of cells!

Plant vs. Animal Cell

A little more advanced.  You can make the cell membrane transparent or opaque and you move your scope over the cell to seek out organelles to learn more about.  With a click of a button, the cell transforms into a plant cell and the differences are highlighted and explained.

Cell theory

A time line and a summary of cell theory.

Hope all these resources help you in your quest for cells over the weekend!  See you bright and early on Monday!

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